our new outdoor space

We have been living in our apartment for three years now, and have decided to re-new the lease for another year. Our apartment is upstairs in a beautiful art deco building. It is so warm and cosy, and gets lots of sun due to being up on the second storey with windows facing north, west and east.

On signing the lease for another year, we decided that we should do a few up-grades around the place. Things like a new bookcase to replace the one it turns out neither us nor our flatmate likes at all, an up-date of our lounge decor, a bit of a clean-out of things we don’t need, and doing something to maximise our under-utilised, tiny outdoor space.

Our outdoor space is what could probably be termed a fire escape… But being an art deco building, it has concrete stairs and a decent sized landing that we have decided to claim as our own and turn it into a ‘patio’.


This morning we popped out to the hardware store and bought a small table and two chairs set. Once seeing how perfectly they fitted into our space, and after sitting and baking in the sun for about an hour, I decided I would quite like some plants to make the spot really feel like home.

I headed back to the hardware store and picked up some (hopefully) hardy herbs, with the hope being they will survive the baking sun in summer, near-freezing cold in winter, and constant wind, that the glorious Wellington climate provides.


We now have mint, rosemary, oregano and lavender growing, and depending on how this goes I would quite like to branch out to some other herbs too. Maybe some chives, basil and thyme… I’m going to keep my eye out for a nice pot to put the lavender in, and will hopefully be able to find something in an op-shop.

Let me know if you have any tips on how to maximise our tiny space, or anything you might add out here! I might also do some updates on the rest of our apartment declutter and spruce-up too!

Hope you all have a great week šŸ™‚


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