a quiet weekend

Here in New Zealand, this weekend was a long weekend for Labour Day. I had all these plans to catch-up with people, finish spring cleaning the flat, and get up to a few activities this weekend. Unfortunately however my body had different ideas, and kept me home for most of the weekend with an achy body, sore throat, and general feelings of patheticness (not sure that is a word but it should be…).

I ended up reading a good bit of my book The Tea Rose (review coming when I finish it, no spoilers please!), watching youtube videos, doing some drawing and practicing my lettering, and just lounging around in general. I also put in an order for some natural make-up/body stuff from the Oh Natural website, which I am excited to receive!

On Saturday I managed to get out and visit a couple of op shops down the road. I am on the hunt for some new cushion covers, but haven’t managed to find any yet. I did find myself a pretty bunting necklace and bought my man a vintage car mug (photo above). We are trying to find some new favourite pottery mugs and mugs with character to replace the old boring ones we’ve picked up over the years we’ve been flatting. It’s quite fun and I am loving the collection we have picked up so far.

I’m feeling quite a bit better now than I did on Saturday, so should be all good for the working week, but will probably take the next few days pretty slowly too. Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.

Here are a few of my drawings below 🙂
Posy, xox



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