breakfast smoothies

Although I try hard to be healthy, sometimes we all fall a little off the wagon! A recent example of this was my being busy with early work mornings and reaching for… yes, a carton of chocolate milk and a muesli bar. My good friend who is a dietician will now sigh and give me that knowing smile, but yes, sometimes these things happen.

So anyway, getting back on the wagon hasn’t actually been all that easy! I’ve been flipping between fruit toast, overnight oats and muesli, and have settled on smoothies for the moment. My flatmate has a smoothie maker, and has kindly let me use this and the take-away cups on a daily basis for the last few weeks! Below are my favourite two breakfast smoothies at the moment, if you too are needing a little early-morning inspiration.

Banana & peanut butter: 1x banana, plain sweetened yoghurt, milk, squirt of honey, teaspoon peanut butter (or chocolate peanut butter/nutella, yummmm!)

Tropical: 1x banana, plain sweetened yoghurt, splash of milk, ~¼ cup of orange juice, squirt of honey, 3 pieces of tinned mango, peaches or apricots.

Please let me know what your favourite smoothie ingredients are, I’m thinking of trying a berry one next!


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